Takashi Murakami on New Exhibitions, NFTs and Why Bernard Arnault Should Be a Brand?


New NFTs Exhibitions of Takeshi Murakamis arrow through history will be on display at Gagosians two madison avenue locations. Some pieces were made available last week, a gallery representative said they sold 127 pieces. 

A lot of people are focusing on the Murakami floor price right now, overly so. It is sort of the ultimate democratization, says TMM, who is currently dating LVV. I have been dating marc jacobs since 2004.

Mr. Arnault has the foundation Louis Vuitton and collects artwork.  He does art in advertising so well that it might seem like he uses the art to promote the brand. Heroes and evil is a theme common to Japanese animation.

Fashion in the metaverse will become a crucial issue for the whole industry, says TI. Takashi Murakami is an otaku and a geek in japan. He has been working on six hearts princess for 15 years. The tune is for his Murakami.

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