Gucci To Accept Cryptocurrencies In Select US Stores


Business in the metaverse? That is what makes it so special. It is not what it used to be, but what it did to me and my family. I love it so much, I cant wait to see what happens next. But I am not sure if it will ever happen again if I do not get it right. 

Gucci is getting ready to accept cryptocurrency payments in US stores, according to Bloomberg. The retailer is preparing to launch a store in California in October. Digital tokens are adopted from retailers in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, and Las Vegas. 

Retailers in the US and Europe are also adopting tokens. The option is expected to be available in all retailers in the US this summer with some 10 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and ether. 

The reason for it is that it will be available to all retailers this summer. Luxury brands are increasingly digitally accessible, from blockchain to the metaverse

In the search to appeal to a younger audience, luxury brands have become more digital. Brands are becoming more digitally available, from Ethereum to the nexus.

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