Contemporary Art To The Metaverse: Takashi Murakamis Poppy Trip


A flower NFT project reinterpreting Takashi Murakamis work is a new york show for the artist in the metaverse.  The show an arrow through history opens this week at the Gagosian gallery in New York. 

Murakami: I always think of contemporary art and I like to be involved in something that gets me thinking Snapchat and ar help visitors navigate into the exhibition room while enjoying digital fish that swim among real art. 

Japanese artist explores the metaverse with augmented reality glasses. His world is immersive and can be seen with the help of a camera. He hopes to show the world a different side of the European continent. 

Murakami was stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. He was watching reality in his house when his children loved VR. It was tough to exercise, but his kids loved it, he says. 

The show will be a special show at the broad contemporary art museum in Los Angeles. It will be Takashi Murakamis first solo show.  He says he wanted to be in a better relationship with the next generation of his kids.

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