Metaverse Space Station is Navigating NFT+DAO+GameFi


The metaverse space station by MSS labs has 100 supernodes and 1000 core nodes. It is building an international DAO organization with longmssdao and mssissued based on BSC coin smart chain. 

Total one billion pieces 10 percent of 100 million pieces. The metaverse space station labs community and the MSSDAO community are wanting to help give people their own virtual space and allow mss to flourish.

The space station is a virtual space station that is being manned by NASA and the MSSDOO community. Mutual union is a concept to be used for mss yuanyu aggregation ecology and virtual reality symbiosis.  

It is web 3.0 subfields were created in metauniverse which did not support NFT DAO Defi cross-chain. To the economy to join the liquidity mining, while through the mss Dao family. 

To the economy, through the family MSS DAO.  The family aims to be a leading player in the mining industry, with a strong presence in the U.S., Europe, and the pacific.

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