Getty Images To Launch NFT Marketplace In Collaboration With Candy


Getty images launched its new nft collection and a new niche photography collection. The archive will contain more than 465 million images, with 135 million analog images. Many of them have never been viewed by the general public. 

Candy digital will use Getty images extensive image portfolio to create a variety of nft products and collections. NFTs will be minted on the palm blockchain, which is more environmentally friendly than the Ethereum mainnet. 

Collections are going to be released in the coming months. The palm blockchain is scalable as well and integrates well with uniswap and metamask. The digital collectibles will be available for purchase in the Getty images marketplace. 

Candy previously operated the NFT marketplaces for major league baseball, race team alliance, and WWE. Its digital fast-growing audience of collectors represents significant opportunities for both the company and the photography community.  

Candy digitals Scott lawin, the CEO of candy digital, said he was excited about the partnership also. The partnership will create iconic and rare photographs from the last two centuries to life for people to experience and collect in a new digital format.  The partnership is part of a wider effort to bring the last centurys images to life.

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