Miss Universe Malaysia NFTs: Honest Thoughts On The Collection


Vulcan post attended an NFT event a few weeks ago called crypto Kingz beauty queenz. The media conference will take place on May 19 at the vogue lounge. 8sian will do the queen collection, a privilege reserved for the last lady standing. 

A contestant in a dazzling Habib jewel outfit showed off her NFT. She was holding a frame in her hand, but it is more specifically a portrait of her. The staff could not find who the other artist was, because there was no one.  

I have some images of the contestants, they are gorgeous. 8sian asked the team how they envisioned nfts to help in womens empowerment. We discovered that many of them are very passionate. We tried to find a way to get them to do so, says Johan. 

Lesley cheam, a finalist, and emcee of the conference says nfts are getting into a climate debate.  Lesley: A lot is going in that direction, with bitcoin and NFT. In time, they are going to take over the whole world I was a little disappointed with the collection. 

Datin and Johan discussed wanting to put Malaysia on the map with this project. 8sians upcoming nfts based on the next miss universe Malaysia will hopefully be a big step up from the 15 universe collection designs that are now on NFTpangolin.

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