Metaverse, ESG in Spotlight at Computex 2022


Metaverse: Computex 2022 kicked off in Taipei, with James Huang, the chairman of the Taiwan external trade development council. He says supply chains are facing unprecedented challenges with previous global procurement now shifting to regional procurement. 

New technology, such as metaverse, is being added to the equation. Taiwan has strengths in the ICT industry in semiconductors, displays, and computing. Peng sees many new opportunities opening up. 

Gaming, entertainment, and remote working are now part of post-pandemic life. Metaverse-related digital commercial applications are primarily focused on space, virtual currency, and NFTs. 

Companies that break down barriers to time and space will be able to operate more efficiently.  Increasing concerns about environmental and social issues abound in the tech industry as they approach the eucbam trial in 2023. Gigabyte technology will be putting out liquid and immersion coolers at Computex.  

The coolers reduce the environmental impact of heat. More tech companies are launching net-zero emission plans. More than 400 manufacturers are attending the physical exhibition. Taitra launched the digital go program that enables businesses to reach out to businesses online.  

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