Emirates Announces Plans To Accept Bitcoin As Payment For Flights


Emirates is a flag carrier in the UAE. It is adding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Metaverse, and non-crypto currencies into the fleet. You could purchase an Emirates flight with Bitcoin in the near future.

The group plans to adopt blockchain solutions in tracing records of aircraft. The groups purpose is to be more connected with its customers. It plans to hire new staff for handling crypto metaverse. 

The UAE plan to use Bitcoin as well, according to al-Redha. COO says new staff will be added to the existing staff as part of the strategy. Al-Redha says Metaverse will help change everything from operation training to application. 

The new staffers will handle Emirates Metaverse and NFTs.  Emirates announced it would take action in April.  The first projects are already underway, without naming the date for the launch. 

The UAE and UAE are leading the way in the digital economy with a clear vision and practical policy and regulatory frameworks in areas such as virtual assets. The latest Arab news article does not specify when exactly Emirates expects to launch its service.

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