BNB Chain: 10 Busy GameFi Projects


If you are looking for a game to play over the holidays, take a look at these top BNB Chain projects!

Games in the BNB chain

As the most active blockchain, BNB Chain has the most wallets and transactions per day. And gaming is a major factor driving these numbers.

This article presents the top ten games on BNB Chain from the week before Christmas 2022, according to Dapp Bay. The projects on this list range from metaverses to sports and fantasy games.

  1. Gameta
  2. Era7
  3. X-World Games
  4. MOBOX
  5. Tiny World GameFi
  6. WAM
  7. TopGoal
  8. SecondLive
  9. BinaryX
  10. Tap Fantasy
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