META Stocks: A Good Buy in 2023?

meta stocks

Several tech giants leveraged the pandemic to increase their valuation further. But the market wasn’t so good for them in 2022. META stocks are another story.

It initially started well and would’ve carried its positive trajectory if not for the risky metaverse move. It has been dumping its capital in the Reality Lab for quite some time, and investors aren’t happy about this shift.

Investors wanted a swift return on their investments. But META is playing the long game with a focus on building the metaverse rather than worrying about its current position in the stocks.

When discussing META stocks, we should include tech trends in the talks. In 2021, tech stocks seemed unstoppable. Come 2022, these prices plunged and have been going down ever since.

Another factor to keep in mind is the increased interest rate by Federal Reserve. This also leads to a decrease in stock prices.

So if you’re considering buying META stocks, you should wait and see where the market goes.

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