H&M And Sustainability in the Metaverse

sustainability in the metaverse

H&M is creating a sustainable model for fashion in the metaverse. Sustainability in the metaverse could be a catalyst for real-world change. H&M has yet to incorporate its circular initiatives in the real world.

The company started its virtual side in 2007 with The Sims. Since then, H&M has been dipping its toes in the virtual landscape too often.

Recently it had a complete fashion island in Animal Crossing, Nintendo’s smash hit game. Now H&M is tapping the metaverse potential with its collaboration with Loooptopia. Launched in 2023, Loooptopia is a circular Roblox game focusing on sustainability.

We will see newer, younger generations take part in the sustainability efforts. And H&M is also trying to incorporate circular concepts in its real-world articles.

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