Polygon launches MMORPG Oath Of Peak with 300,000 pre-registred players


Yeeha Games is investing over $20 million in the gameplay to position Oath of Peak as one of the leading games on Web3.

Today, Yeeha Games, Bybit’s Games platform, launched Oath of Peak, the first MMORPG on the Polygon blockchain. Over 300,000 pre-registered players anticipate the game’s launch following its closed beta.

In 2018, the development team began working on the game, which surpassed 18 million downloads. With over $20 million invested in developing the core gameplay alone as one of the most ambitious web3 games.

According to Grant Zhang, the game lead for Oath of Peak, “We wanted to create an experience that we would be proud to play ourselves.” Blockchain technology made the game more interactive and immersive.

About Yeeha Games

Yeeha Games is Bybit’s Games platform, founded in 2021 with over $50 million in funding. Its mission is to bring authentic gaming experiences to Web3.

Yeeha Games’ free-to-play titles, such as Oath of Peak aim to elevate gaming experiences through improved ownership, transparency, and efficiency.

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