Neopets Collected $4M From Web3 Leaders To Serve Metaverse


According to the announcement by Neopets, they raised the funding of $4M to bring 90’s classics to the Metaverse. Blockchain gaming leaders such as Polygon Ventures, Hashkey Capital, Blizzard Avalanche Ecosystem Fund, and NetDragon Websoft actively take part in raising funds.

Neopets Metaverse is a decentralized virtual pet game that allows players to own and monetize their gaming experience on the blockchain.

The Investment Director of Hashkey Capital added, “We believe that GameFi will play an important part in the metaverse narrative. Here, Neopets IP has massive potential in its NFT and P2E features. It will allow players to control and truly own their digital assets. Moreover, we are happy to work closely to bring top-notch products to gamers.”

The Neopets community is thrilled to receive such strong support from our investors, said Dominic, Chief Metaverse Officer of Neopets Meta. “However, this funding will allow us to offer a truly inclusive and immersive gaming experience.”

This Metaverse will continue to grow with this funding. Moreover, it is bringing the magic of Neopets back to old players and attracting and nurturing new Neopians. To make Neopets Metaverse a reality, the company looks forward to working with investors and Game-Fi community members.


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