Yuga Labs Mailchimp Exploit: Account Compromised, NFTs SAFU

Mailchimp is subject to hacking that compromised the account of Yuga labs. Mailchimp confirmed that the NFTs themselves are safe. The famous NFT company behind bored ape yacht club meets, cryptopunks, etc., tweeted about the incident on Jan 19. Mailchimp data was from an email campaign with a few people on it. It had nothing to do with actual NFT minting.

Yuga Labs Announcement

The Company, Yuga Labs, confirmed that it had only used the service. Once and “for limited purposes” but wished to share the information out of caution. Mailchimp security identified that the breach occurred on Jan 11. It’s the second time in 6 months that Mailchimp has been hacked. The affected accounts were mostly related to cryptocurrency and finance.

Players in the space warn users to be careful about suspicious emails or DMs. A sewer pass and an NFT collection will get all of the Bay City Princes. The sewer pass NFT collection is an endless runner game. Sales rose quickly after the announcement of the project. In just a few hours, the project raised over $6 million.

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