The deep tech penetration and how it is reshaping PR

The deep tech penetration and how it is reshaping PR

Digital PR has not remained immune to digital transitions. The need for storytellers with reach, relevance, and resonance will continue. Data and analytics will be the kingpin in making both a reality. Malvika Sinha, technology practice lead at RuderFinn India, says the PR industry is known for its quick adoption of digital technology tools. She said with the growing digital landscape, there are now more communication channels available than ever before.

The top three reasons why clients use PR agencies are media relations. The highest impact digital, data, and technology can make on a PR firm is by supporting these core strengths. In crisis advising, it is essential to understand how journalists pick up and sometimes break stories on social media and how publishers use quotes from social media. The metaverse is still in its nascent stages. AI and chatbots can help PR professionals analyze and understand their audiences.

Generative conversation and knowledge AI tools like chatGPT have a more primary role in researching the context of a client, an industry, or a topic. The PR industry is the first to dive deeply into it, and we have to communicate about it to a larger audience and make sense of it. One of the critical points of PR is to convey your specific message to your target audience efficiently. Rattan praised AI as an improvement in productivity.

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