WISE Empowering Students In Qatar


WISE 2023 reaches education providers in Doha on November 28 and 29. We observed a renewed demand for transformative education models after the disruption of education during COVID-19. We often overlook the importance of informal learning as the world evolves towards a digital, metaverse-centered future, says Shahd Dauleh.

WISE has over 20 partners to create this unique program. One of the school workshops was Learning Sustainability through Legos. Students get a chance to learn design thinking from social entrepreneur Zubair Junjunia.

Visa worked with the Qatar Academy students for 18 months, encouraging them to use their knowledge to teach others. The festival provided youth with an opportunity to lead their own sessions. Qatar Academy Al Wakra facilitated a financial football workshop.

Doha Learning Days is slated to become an annual initiative. It can become innovative with youth and lead to insights that inform curricula, says Dauleh. Sharing knowledge and generating dialogue can strengthen and enable by exchange of knowledge or best practices.

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