PM’s Push For Artificial Intelligence Solution To Common Man’s 10 Problems

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has highlighted the use of technology in making India’s tax system faceless and addressing issues faced by taxpayers. During a post-budget webinar on unlocking the potential of ease of living using technology, Modi discussed the digital infrastructure created to help India become a developed nation by 2047.

He expressed the government’s interest in reducing the cost of compliance and suggested that the industry lay out a list of unnecessary compliances that could be pruned out. Modi also discussed the impact of 5G and AI, stating that they could revolutionize fields such as medicine, education, and agriculture. He called on stakeholders to identify ten problem areas faced by the common man that could be solved using AI.

The Prime Minister emphasized that technology forms the basis of the “One Nation, One Ration” initiative and said that the 21st century is tech-driven and cannot be limited to just digital. Modi’s comments highlight the government’s focus on leveraging technology to drive development and reduce the burden on taxpayers. The use of digital infrastructure and technologies such as AI and 5G could help India achieve its goal of becoming a developed nation by 2047.

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