Stagwell Awards $1M In Funding To AI Platform Assets


Locaria’s COO, Lindsay Hong, states that the platform uses AI to power asset management, performance analytics, and instant creative adjustments. Hong says it came together at the right time. Within marketing organizations, there is a disconnect between the performance and creative sides of the business, said Elspeth Roller. A smart asset is an ability to have individuals who understand the performance aspects. We realized there is an opportunity to use performance to inform that creative post-production process to create the assets that matter rather than content for content.

For example, a user might prefer seeing red clothing on TikTok and blue clothing on Instagram — so the platform can make those changes in real time. AI content recommendation is another factor for many social platforms. It was conceptually designed, and it utilizes AI to group assets with a brand’s creative library and measure the impact of your ad through AI. One of the smart assets abilities allows users to immediately change their creative components based on data insights across platforms. Hong said it is a huge challenge trying to pull together all production teams, studios, and creative shits to budget and media.

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