HK Web3 Festival Keynote: Crypto Leads to Trustless, Fairer System


OKX President Hong delivered a keynote speech at Hong Kong’s Web3 Festival, emphasizing the need for a trustless financial system built on blockchain technology that provides greater accessibility, transparency and real value. She noted that the current financial system is failing to meet the needs of 1.7 billion unbanked adults worldwide and that recent events have highlighted the need for a rewrite of the current system. Hong highlighted OKX’s commitment to building the rails of the future system and its innovation in creating a more open and accessible financial future.

Hong stated that blockchain technology and the rise of crypto and Web3 are enabling individuals to become their own bank and platform. She noted OKX’s commitment to regulatory compliance, including applying for a Hong Kong virtual asset service provider license under the new regulatory regime, and highlighted the company’s efforts in building the rails of a future system through its Web3 industry’s first Multi-Party Computation wallet with support for over 37 blockchains, making self-custody more accessible.

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