TMX Global Brings Its Supply Chain Metaverse To Asia


International supply chain consultancy, TMX Global, has launched its TMX Metaverse platform in Asia. It will enable businesses to design their warehouse, simulate supply chain scenarios, and better understand the impacts of unforeseen events. The TMX Metaverse allows clients to create a resilient supply chain by visualizing designs in a metaverse. TMX Metaverse can map the entire end-to-end supply chain network, enabling clients to plan for issues like component shortages, transport disruptions or unforeseen weather events. Clients can focus on forward planning and rapid deployment of new supply chains, creating a more efficient conceptualization process.

Thailand was chosen to launch TMX Metaverse because of its growing strategic alternative for companies looking to relocate production bases from China. Moreover, it expands into Southeast Asia due to its cost competitiveness and development of mega-projects in the supply chain space as the Eastern Economic Corridor. Dean Jones, Managing Director for Asia at TMX Global, said that Thailand represents a key part of TMX Global’s Asia strategy as the market has strong potential in the supply chain sector. In the coming years, TMX Global has committed $40 million to expand its business globally, including its presence in the ASEAN region.

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