Unstoppable Domains Joins The OMA3 Board To Standardize


Unstoppable Domains, a leading blockchain domain name provider, has recently joined the OMA3 (Open Mobile Alliance) Board with the aim of contributing to the standardization efforts in the industry. This partnership highlights Unstoppable Domains’ commitment to promoting interoperability and open standards in the blockchain domain space. By collaborating with other industry leaders on the OMA3 Board, Unstoppable Domains seeks to establish unified protocols and frameworks that will drive the widespread adoption of blockchain-based domain names.

The involvement of Unstoppable Domains in the OMA3 Board signifies a significant step towards creating a standardized ecosystem for blockchain domain names. Through their expertise and experience, Unstoppable Domains will contribute to the development of global standards that ensure compatibility, security, and ease of use for blockchain domains across different platforms and applications. This collaboration will foster innovation, encourage broader industry participation, and pave the way for a more decentralized and user-centric internet landscape powered by blockchain technology.

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