Ownership In Games Is A Gaming Issue, Not A Crypto One


Polemos co-CEO: Ownership in games is a gaming issue, not a crypto one. In a recent interview, the co-CEO of Polemos discussed the topic of ownership in games. According to him, the issue is more about the gaming industry than cryptocurrency. He emphasized the importance of game developers and publishers embracing ownership models that empower players and provide meaningful experiences. The co-CEO highlighted the potential of blockchain technology in enabling true ownership and emphasized the need for collaboration between gaming and crypto communities to drive innovation in the industry.

The state of ownership in games is a hot topic in the gaming industry. Polemos co-CEO sheds light on the issue and emphasizes that it is primarily a gaming concern rather than a crypto one. He advocates for game developers and publishers to adopt ownership models that prioritize player empowerment. By leveraging blockchain technology, true ownership can be achieved, allowing players to have control over their in-game assets and experiences. Collaboration between the gaming and crypto communities is seen as essential to driving progress and shaping the future of ownership in the gaming industry.

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